the tech rider

newton's revenge

Often, getting the information necessary to set up a show from artists, agents or promoters is like trying to scrape hair off a goat. I basically need a poultice to suck it out of them!

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Saturday 27th August

The physics of sound often guides or in fact restricts us in what we are hoping to achieve. This is usually most apparent in cases where there's a lack of understanding around stage monitors.

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Saturday 3rd December

the land of no

"you on it, cat!"

Some artist requests are unreasonable, impractical or just plain twattish. The only answer I can practically provide is "you have reached the land of no"

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Saturday 3rd September

From time to time an artist will be sufficiently aware to recognise the effort I'm putting in to make their show as good as can be. When someone appreciates the quality of my work and lets me know that they've noticed, it can make my day, my week, my winter.

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Thursday 15th September

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