Blogs about the life of Mev - a sound guy, a human, and an artist

This blog site started as a rant page for "sound guy" related issues.
It's meant to be funny and engaging, but with a sharp edge and perhaps a taint of bitterness, whilst being fairly tongue in cheek.

Fairly soon after conception, it became clear that a wider brief was warranted.
The three categories below are divided up into sub sections, where you can read pretty specifically targeted blogs.

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And I should mention the other band members: Jamie "JC" Cameron, beautiful and talented young man on drums. Eden "Fingers" Ottignon, a strange Kiwi circus man on bass guitar. Oliver "Cabaret" Thorpe, a natural born thriller on guitar and vocals. Byron "Masterstroke" Mark, making his mark on keyboards and smiles. Ellen I've mentioned. Adam "The Tux" Moses, the best damn wedding singer this town has ever known.


Technical crew, puppetry, origame, edamame and dramaturge - Shani "Old Mate" Moffatt

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